AlphaCatz - ABOUT US



Alphacatz was started in 2012, as a small part-time project at first.

A lot of our early shoots were (at least partially) treated as personal wrestling sessions, shot with multiple stationary cameras for the ultimate 1-on-1 experience. While we may not release all of the material from those early days of our production, some will make it to our store so you get a glimpse of how the new girls we bring on the wrestling scene got their start.

Beginning 2013, things really took off as far as shooting material regularly. Siberia's store opened. Couple of first sessions with some of our wrestlers were held.

It wasn't until mid 2014 though, when we started taking AlphaCatz project really seriously. More new girls were recruited, and we started shooting material for other producers with our team of girls as well.

Things really started happening once we opened our main mixed wrestling AlphaCatz store (Dec 2014), which will be followed with our female wrestling store to be opened in the 2nd half of 2015!


We are based in the Czech Republic, Europe.



Many thanks for all the fan mail that started to pour since 2013, even without us promoting much at that time yet.

Without your support, we would not continue, and for that, we promise you, bigger things are yet ahead!