Height: 5’5”

Weight: 142 lbs

Biceps: 12”

Thighs: 24”

Hips: 40”



Rhea SAID:

I love to keep active, I'm always on the move. At first glance, I could seem calm or reserved.. but I just breathe for the adrenaline rush that comes from all things intensely physical. Throughout my life, I tend to push my limits and boundaries. I'm proud of my body shape that I work hard to maintain.. strong yet curvy in all the right places!


Rhea may be in her mid 30’s, but she’s in much better shape than typical today’s girls half her age. Not only can she run long distance pretty much forever, this shapely mom’s fit meaty thighs can squat 220lbs! Dividing her exercise time evenly between cardio and weight-lifting, she comes well prepared for the physical challenges of mixed and female wrestling. She’s also a tough chick mentally and on top of that carries a very high pain tolerance, which makes her harder to submit.