Height: 5’5”

Weight: 121 lbs

Biceps: 11.5”

Thighs: 21”

Hips: 36”



Antiope SAID:

We have bad neighbours where I live, and several times, I was forced to deal with ‘em face to face. This one girl was being really unruly and disrespectful, always causing a noise at night. Long story short, we eventually got into a fight, and it didn’t end well for her at all! That said.. I’m a nice girl to nice people:)
I love to kickbox, and learning to grapple could prove useful to me in real life, so here I am. Needless to say, being naturally very action-oriented, wrestling is turning out to be pretty addictive!


Antiope may look smaller, but man, is she a feisty one! She keeps chiseling her figure in the gym every day and likes to stay very low body fat. As a result, her arm and scissor chokes get to squeeze your neck directly, without diluting the squeezing pressure onto other untargetted areas like your head or chin. She is very competitive and absolutely hates to lose.