3 new sexy vixens sign up to the AlphaCatz wrestling team! Introducing Delphi, Leona and Nike.

Amsterdam, Holland! Mixed wrestling SESSIONS trip - January 12-14 2017. BOOK now: Lara | Antiope | Nemesis

London, UK! Mixed wrestling SESSIONS trip - December 9-11 2017. BOOK now: Alkaia | Cobra | Scorpi

Milan, Italy! Mixed wrestling SESSIONS trip - September 16-19 2017. BOOK now: Antiope | Alkaia | Khaleesi

Who's enriched our large, ever-growing team of sexy athletic amazons? Nemesis|Yola|Trinity|Pandora|Daenerys!

Happy Holidays! What did wrestling Santa bring us? Introducing Daphne, Cassandra, Lostris and Scorpi!

UK session wrestling fans, we're coming to London! January 28-29 2017. BOOK now: Lara | Alkaia | Siberia

Exciting times ahead once again! After 8-month pause during which we focused on sessions and customs only (due to limited time - family health issue), we return with our public releases! Lara vs Alkaia battle is out!

Held another mixed and female wrestling shoot with a felow producer. Also, headed once again for the Cologne wrestling event at the end of November!

10 new arrivals to our wrestling roster! Antiope|Elektra|Judith|Khaleesi|Medea|Natasha|Oya|Rhea|Sabrina|Theia!

Our 2016 June Event details here!

Our 2016 April Event details here!

Shot 16 custom movies during March, our new record. It also meant a severe backlog. Sorry for delay. 2 free movies from our public releases to all who still wait for their custom.

All our competitive female wrestling fans can finally rejoice! Our female wrestling videos start rolling out.

Mark your calendars for Brno visit if you want to see us live: mixed & female matches and sessions on April 16/17th, then armwrestling tournament and sessions on June 4th! More details to be announced.

Lara becomes number 1 mixed wrestling clip at c4s, even climbs to the top 10 overall of the whole c4s!

Competitive & skilled sexy new strong amazon Lara enters mixed and female wrestling AlphaCatz fray!

Siberia is back with competitive mixed wrestling release in her clipstore!

Get your tickets to see us again at the big Cologne wrestling event - Artemis, Alkaia, Lilith, Cobra and Inanna!

Shot a dozen of great mixed and female competitive wrestling matches for our fellow friendly producer again!

Vienna mixed wrestling sessions on Sunday Sept. 27th with Lilith, Siberia and Artemis!

We have started to train in boxing and will be shooting sponsored mixed and female boxing matches!

Check out our newest competitive mixed wrestling team reinforcements: small but super strong gymnast Cobra, tall MA amazon Freya & curvy sportswoman Inanna!

Only 2 days until we fly in for the big German wrestling event in Cologne. Get your tickets here & see us there!

Our sister site featuring hot & competitive female wrestling matches coming in 2nd half of 2015!

AC team keeps growing: added long-legged model Devilian, well-built dancer Helenia & plus-size model Morrigan!

Shooting a lot of customs now! Order yours too by writing us at

Deja vu.. Lilith torn ligaments in her knee during her competitive mixed wrestling match in April :( She's recovering well after the surgery though and plans to return onto the wrestling mats once healed.

Katrina suffered bad knee injury during her competitive wrestling match against Domitia and had to undergo surgery. Expected recovery in 6 months. This is for those who would ever dare to doubt what we do is real!

Held another shoot with our competitive team for fellow wrestling producers over the weekend. Look forward to see the action on their sites, from light competitive mixed to fully competitive female fights! Artemis broke her rib :(

Ex-judo girl Katrina and rock climber Taifun become latest new competitive ladies to sign with AlphaCatz!

Introducing speedy & skilled hottie Nica - great new addition to our competitive team!

AlphaCatz c4s mixed wrestling store is now finally open!

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Two new amazons join our ranks: sassy & bossy vixen Gaia, and super competitive fighter girl Hella!

Added great new talent to our mixed wrestling team: Neraxa, Gina, Alkaia and Domitia!

Film production for other mixed and female wrestling producers now available!

Mixed wrestling sessions with selected girls are now possible.

All our girls' wrestling profiles now finished. Go check their stats and pictures out!

Mighty Siberia opens up her own clipstore!



What is AlphaCatz? Top-level EU-based producer of highest-quality mixed wrestling & submission grappling content. Our focus is on real competitive / semicompetitive matches, realistic wrestling hold immobilization challenges, scissors & pins domination, and featuring new, never-before-seen girls ranging from hot athletic tomboys to cute & fit girls next-door. Our videos are frequently top-sellers in their categories.

We put the girls first and strive to create such environment that brings out the best of 'em. We hope you support your favourite fighters so they continue to shoot more material for your enjoyment. Custom orders are available.

We've become one of world’s largest mixed wrestling session agencies and we’ve been told we have the best team of genuine athletic strong girls who simply love to wrestle. Fans from all over come spend their quality mat time to us to Brno, often wrestling a dozen of our fit ladies during a single visit. Others arrive regularly to face their favorite few Alpha Catz, and each time, they leave beaten but with a big smile on their faces, looking forward to the next visit. So what are you waiting for? Book your own amazing mixed wrestling experience right now!

AlphaCatz also serves other fellow producers of both mixed & female wrestling genre, acting as a wrestling agency and film producing studio. Our very own team of sexy wrestling ladies is available to be used for filming your very own videos. You tell us your ideas, which girls, and we do the rest! For more information, contact us today.