Height: 159cm / 5’3”

Weight: 51kg / 112 lbs

Biceps: 29cm / 11.5”

Thighs: 55cm / 21.5”

Hips: 94cm / 37”



Cassandra SAID:

Hello fans! What shall I say about myself? Well, I’m heavy into weight training.. just love working out! I also regularly and heavily train in kickboxing and striking self-defence. I have some very basic judo experience but grappling is a new animal to me. Don’t you ever underestimate my lighter weight, I will kick your ass regardless your size. Just look at my muscles!


Cassandra has two sides to her.. a sexy smiling vixen and tenacious little fighter, all wrapped up in one fit body! Based on initial training, her only weakness seems to be a sensitive neck. Other than that, we loved her first performance! She fought like a lioness and really liked getting tired and sweaty on our mats. She compared wrestling to a great workout - a high praise from this hot dark-haired gym rat!