Height: 171cm / 5’7”

Weight: 66kg / 146 lbs

Biceps: 33cm / 13”

Thighs: 62cm / 24.5”

Hips: 105cm / 41.5”



Daphne SAID:

I’m young and eager to experience new things in life. I’ve always been into sports competitively, so took me just about a minute to decide to try wrestling for my new adrenaline thing. I often look or feel shy at first, but underneath the Barbie facade lies the (future:) lioness!


In typical AlphaCatz fashion, here comes Daphne.. with looks of a model, and strength of an athlete. Although, Daphne is brand new to wrestling, so it will take a while before she’s good with technique. She is however already strong and enjoys being in charge. During her first ever victory pose, she stepped on top of the losing male with not just one foot but both, without much concern what her statuesque 146 pounds of a body can do to the torso beneath her feet.