Height: 175cm / 5’9”

Weight: 65kg / 144 lbs

Biceps: 29cm / 11.5”

Thighs: 60cm / 23.5”

Hips: 101cm / 40”



Leona SAID:

I love to dance, and my legs have built up so much over the years of doing so. As AJ put it, they've grown into formidable weapons of mass sex-appeal and neck destruction, LOL. Neatly wrapped into feminine but athletic shape, though, I might add:) And don't take me just for a dancing girl, please. I came to AlphaCatz to wrestle competitively as well. I feel I can do it all, and I'm not afraid to learn more.


Leona has the beauty, attitude, and wow, those powerful deadly dancer's legs! When she clamped on her reverse scissorhold, it felt like highest security prison. Then she turned out and with that sexy sass she said, 'Is that tight enough for you?', smiling as she slowly increased the pressure. This girl loves hurting you, and looks damn good doing it too!