Height: 165cm / 5’5”

Weight: 52kg / 115 lbs

Biceps: 27cm / 10.5”

Thighs: 53cm / 21”

Hips: 94cm / 37”



Lilith SAID:

I've got a strong sporting background. I think I'm a nice and gentle person IRL, but any physical challenge seems to awaken a tigress in me. I don't care if you're bigger or heavier than me, I'm taking you down, boy!


Lilith is a perfect example that size does not need to matter if you're able to compensate with the level of fitness and endurance as she possesses and that power of a woman comes from her hips and not the upper body. Lilith is also very quick and flexible and due to intense poledancing training you're bound to get caught in her headscissors over and over only to be forced to tapout very quickly!