Height: 5’7”

Weight: 137 lbs

Biceps: 12”

Thighs: 23”

Hips: 40”



Natasha SAID:

I’m very open-minded and have tried many things in my life. And so it happens that keeping a guy down using immobilizing wrestling holds, to have him under my control, counts, to me anyway, amongst most fun and exciting ways to have a physical interaction with him:) I like roleplay and powergames in my private life as well, so being offered to impose some physical domination onto a poor fella was just a great way to spend my afternoon!


Believe it or not, Natasha could easily be a mother to some of our younger Catz. As much as we don't like using derogatory terms for our girls, she epitomizes the MILF woman. Classy and well-educated, she also has a darker side to her. She really seems to enjoy being in charge and physically dominating. After first filming pins & scissors style with her, she asked what more we had for her. So, we showed her a rope and some smothering holds, and she took the challenge head-on!