Height: 5’8”

Weight: 139 lbs

Biceps: 11.5”

Thighs: 22”

Hips: 37”



Nica SAID:

I love to train self-defense! My trainer teaches a good mix of arts, from BJJ to striking/punching. I train the most at home with my boyfriend though. I'm so used to rolling on the mats with the boys, and actually prefer 'em as my opponents, as girls usually get scared of my quickness and tenacity, and are afraid that I'll hurt 'em. Beating guys does wonders to my ego as well!


We were expecting to teach Nica a thing or two about wrestling, but boy, were we ever wrong. She only needed to be shown holds more unique to our style of wrestling like headscissors, and then went straight to work. AJ and even mighty amazon Domitia both learned a big lesson during initial Nica's matches - the skill, speed, and flexibility can easily rule over bigger weight and power of someone less experienced. Nica moves quickly like a gazelle and is so incredibly flexible from ballet and yoga, she's like a snake on the mats that's hard to grab and ends up wrapping you in holds one way or another. Amazing addition to our competitive team, she's on her way to become one of our biggest stars yet!