Height: 5’8”

Weight: 190 lbs

Biceps: 13.5”

Thighs: 27.5”

Hips: 46”



Morrigan SAID:

Natural strength runs in my family. I was always bigger and stronger than most boys in my school. My dad wanted me to sign up for the army, however due to my lack of respect for authorities, I declined. I was ecstatic to be approached by AlphaCatz to kick some butt on the mats though.. love putting men in their place.. that is, underneath me, unable to move!


Morrigan is the complete plus-sized package. Amazonian looks and attitude, and plenty of power in her big, curvy feminine sexy body. Her meaty thighs and massive hips hold a lot of strength. For her warmup before the shoot, Morrigan grabbed AJ, threw him on her back and proceeded to squat him repeatedly, as if he weighed nothing. Morrigan has enjoyed overpowering guys ever since she was little, so it came to no surprise, she had a blast on her 1st shoot with us, and she will be back to administer more punishment!